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Chocolate lab puppy
Abby at her best with her best pal Suki... she is  fearless around water... plays ball till she drops and most often can out run any  dog that gets between her and her ball. Smart pooch!! now 7 months old around 50 + pounds.
Hi Judy.  I have to tell you what a wonderful job you do with your  puppies. I can't tell you just how wonderful Indy is doing. He is just  about housebroken. He asks to go out. He is the smartest puppy I have  ever had. We are having such a good time with him. We took him home to  Fresno and he learned about the doggie door within hours. The whole  family just loves him, so be proud of yourself. You did good. As he  grows, we will send more pictures. Thank you so much.      Stephanie
Hi Judy, we just wanted to send you a few pictures of Harley. He has been a great addition to our family. He loves going to the boys baseball games, swimming in the pool and hanging out on the boat at Lake Isabella. Again, thank you so much we love him and I know he feels the same about us.  We are having a little trouble sending the pictures with this e-mail so we are sending each one individually.

The Garcia Family
Paul, Lilliana, Andrew and Matthew 

Hi , I just wanted to say thank you for the most wonderful lab ever,  I have  had  many and this one,, hmmm he is an angel.. he does not or  has not ever chewed on anything, he listens very well.  he stays home  alone with no cage and waits for us.. I have attached a few pics of him  for you to see how cute he is, how is his brother, you kept him right?   we named our boy nikko....  so i have attached about 5 pics for you to  see.  my parents will be interested in one lab from you when they get  settled and sell there house so I will keep your email and number handy  for them.. God bless you and Happy New Year, you have made my family  complete .. i sure still do miss my shilo in PA still and will always,   God bless you and your family..  Tracy Martin Mississippi, hope you  remember me.. and I am on facebook and always posting new pics of nikko ,  i am tracy moeck-martin on there..  take  care
Tracy C. Martin  
Hi Judy,
I just wanted to check in and tell you how great the puppy is doing since it's been so long since we've last spoken! Chandler is a very intelligent dog, he learned how to sit, shake, lay down, stay, and come-- all within the first week! He's almost perfected fetch, but we can only play for so long before he decides it's easier to just chew the ball, rather than bringing it back. I've recently been teaching him how to walk with a Sens-ation harness and within the first try of using it he stopped pulling ahead and dragging behind. Every time we go on a walk, people flock towards him. It honestly takes me 15 minutes to walk what would normally take me 5 minutes because we are constantly being bombarded by people. 

Hi Judy,
      Oh my husband is just cracking me up and I just had to tell you about it .... he is going crazy over Bree's color!!! I just realized he is the typical person that is just in love with the white/light color yellows! He just keeps commenting on how nice Bree's color is! I just love her Judy!  My son has been outside with her since we got home... she is so playful and is doing so wonderful with the big dogs, and they are doing really great with her too. I am so excited!  Thank you so much for her,   Julia
Yellow lab puppy, english
Hello Judy,   
    Attached is a picture of Barkley. He is a very happy boy! He is learning how to fetch, sits great, working on down and stay. Today I was laying with him, giving him love and he was wagging his tail and smiling. Yes, I swear he smiles! Thank you,  
I took this picture this morning of Bree and Lady.  I looked out my window and saw them and Bree popped her head up and my husband, my son, and I all said "Wow...Bree is really maturing and looking like a pretty girl".  She's the one in front and Lady is the one in back.  Pardon their sticks, etc...LOL!!  She also had just taken a mud bath, her coat is not really that dark :)
Yellow labrador retiever
Yellow labrador retiever
Hey Judy..

Abby is developing into the quite the pooch. She is smart, attentive and has adapted well to the teachings of the old gal Suki. Everything is just fine and we could not be happier with your selection  for us.  
    The attached pic was taken about 10 days ago.... she a little bigger now... she sits, shakes, leaves it, goes to her bed, lays down, goes to crate on  command, walks better then expected on leash and the eating like somebody was  gonna steal her food was fixed by putting 1/2" irrigation fittings in her food bowl... good stuff

Chocolate lab puppy
yellow lab puppy
yellow lab puppy
yellow lab puppies ca

Hi Judy,
 How are you doing? I bet you've been super busy with your new land and kennel. I hope things are doing good. I'm sure with the holiday vast  approaching you will give good homes to your little ones. I wanted to  update you on Sassy. She is fixed now....unfortunately she is a normal  rambunctious lab so her stitches were pulled out and she had to have  them redone. She is ok though and has made a good recovery. I also  wanted to let you know (in case you can use it as bragging rights or  tell other hunters) Sassy started waterfowl training. She is a  natural...she loves it and we cant wait to take her on her first hunting  trip. Thank you again for our beautiful and smart family companion. She  is not just one persons dog she is the whole family's dog and we love  her to pieces. Hope everything is going great for you. Your always in  our thoughts and prayers along with your father and family. Talk to you  soon Amber
P.S. you are a wonderful breeder... she is very smart, beautiful and a natural retriever.
Murphy has been one of the easiest puppies to train. And I have raised 3 for Guide Dogs for the Blind and 1 for Canine Companions. He learns quick, focused on his training, fun to be around, and a great pal. Loves the grandkids and follows them everywhere - even in the pool for swim time. I LOVE HIM - and the Boogie/Primo pairing is a great match. You are truly a master at knowing your Labs. And I love your style of matching the dogs with the new owners. You do a great job at your life career and it is easy to see it is really your passion. Keep up the good work and be proud of the job you do for the dogs and for us looking for our pet partners. Donna McCormick

yellow lab ca
He is such a great dog and I have been having a blast with him, I am so excited for the years to come. Thanks for everything and expect more puppy updates along the way!
Hope all is well,
Claire Thompson
P.S. If you're familiar with the DailyPuppy.com, I submitted Chandler to be the featured puppy of the day and he was chosen! Here's his link: http://www.dailypuppy.com/puppies/chandler-the-labrador-retriever_2010-03-31

Hey Judy!

Just wanted to send these to you! Here is Gunner, we are absolutely in love! Such a great, mild mannered, great temperament, loving dog!

Thank you for everything! 

Trent Diedrich
Yellow lab puppy ca
Yellow lab puppy ca
Attached are a couple of pictures of Cash. He is growing like a weed. He is so smart. He sits, he comes, he stays. He absolutely loves our big boys Tugger and Par and they have come to love him as well. We cannot thank you enough for this beautiful little man. We love him so much. 

He attends puppy class on Wednesday night which is put on through our Veterinary Office. He loves going to puppy class. Everyone is so impressed with him. Our Veterinarian Brad Holstein thinks he is a beautiful puppy and one of the nicest he has seen.

Again thank you, and I hope all his brothers and sisters are loved as much as he is!

Steve, Cathy, Tugger, Par, Bella & Cash
Judy Doyel-Smith
(760) 382-0733
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Livalittle Labradors
Hi Judy,I just wanted to say "THANK YOU" so much for giving us the most wonderful temperament puppies. I really appreciate the advice you gave my husband and I about the puppies that would best fit our family. I realized it was not about the color or sex of the puppy, but the personality that will allow our family to have not just a pet but another addition to our family. My husband and I feel very confident that we made the right choice in choosing the best breeder here in Southern California, which is YOU. We interviewed many breeders but they were just that "breeders". They did not have the passion for the Labrador's, patience in answering all our questions and the knowledge that you have. It was a pleasure meeting you and I am sending you pictures of how well behaved our Bullseye and Dixie @ 8 wks are with Iris and Luke that are 2 1/2 years of age. Thank you and I will send you more pictures of them as they get older!Thanks again, Carla